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DeviceWell MD1010(1PCS)+1011(4PCS) Wireless Tally Set (SET 1)

DeviceWell MD1010(1PCS)+1011(4PCS) Wireless Tally Set (SET 1)
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  • หมวดหมู่ : VDO Switcher
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รายละเอียดสินค้า DeviceWell MD1010(1PCS)+1011(4PCS) Wireless Tally Set (SET 1)

transmitter module

Insert the transmitter module into the DCB interface of the switcher,

and the red light on the module indicates that it has been started normally;

Power on prompt

Indicator 1: Flashing once means 0-30% power, flashing twice means 30%-60% power, flashing 3 times means 60% or more;
Charging tips
Indicator 2: The module can be charged only when the module is turned on, and the indicator is on when charging;


 TALLY lamp module,

Turn on the module, the transmitter will automatically connect with

the TALLY receiver, and each module has a factory-set channel number;


Product name Wireless TALLY System
Product model MD1010-MD1011
Transmitter size 66*24*10mm( L, W&H)
Tally light size 75*60mm( L&W)
Tally light power supply 50000mAh lithium battery
Tally light weight 112g/pc
Operating temperature 0℃~50℃ without condensation
Storage temperature -20℃~75℃
Working humidity 20%~70%RH
Storage humidity 0%~90%RH,no condensation
Transmission distance ≥250m
Power supply 12V/DC
Support switcher DeviceWell HDS full series
Support the number of tally
Unlimited, can increase arbitrarily with the number of
switcher channels
◆Compact and portable;
◆Red and green double light indication;
◆USB 5V power supply;
◆Open transmission distance ≥ 350 meters
◆Hot shoe screw hole;
◆It can be directly connected to DeviceWell HDS7105 switcher
◆ 1 pallet 4 and above paired PVW/PGM status indicator


****  - DeviceWell MD1010(1PCS)+1011(6PCS) Wireless Tally Set (SET 2)  = 14,500 บาท
  - DeviceWell MD1010(1PCS)+1011(10PCS) Wireless Tally Set (SET 3)  = 22,900 บาท
  - DeviceWell MD1010(1PCS)+1011(12PCS) Wireless Tally Set (SET 4)  = 26,900 บาท

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